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UPC Barcodes needed for new accessory productsWe are here for the empowerment of the new company, the individual with a great different product, or maybe someone who can re-invent a few products and make them spectacular.  But, likely you won't spend too much for business necessities.  We provide you completely legal, and functional barcodes required by retailers in their stores and many on-line distribution centers.  In years past people had to go to the industry control organizations established when the barcode was young.  They had high prices and enforced annual renewal fees.  There is none of that here.  We will provide you a competitive price [if we don't, contact us, tell us the other organizations price and we will match or beat any valid price] with quick delivery.  Think of us as the guys that will try harder!

Here is our new competitive pricing:


1 to 4 UPC Barcodes $7.50/each
5 to 9 UPC Barcodes $6.50/each
10 to 25 UPC Barcodes $5.50/each
26 to 50 UPC Barcodes $4.50/each
51 to 99 UPC Barcodes $3.50/each
UPC on Wine Special Products



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